About Us

In 1974, just a block from the town square in Crowell, TX, a group of local businessmen - a cattleman, farmer, banker, fuel merchant and a building contractor - opened a cap factory that would soon become the area's largest employer. American Made Cap Company has since persevered through a generation of drastic economic and political change. Even when the massive tornado of 1979 devastated a large swath of the town and surrounding area, production did not wane. Through it all, the will of our employee partners, most of whom were raised locally, has stood the test of time.

American Made Cap has manufactured for all types of customers, from professional baseball teams to local ranches, including the world-famous Waggoner Ranch just down the road.

Recently, new ownership has brought substantial investment in both equipment and design. Combined with the resilient spirit that defines our town, we stand ready to produce a modern, high-quality cap for your brand.